Benefits of custom designed homes

The perception that only the ridiculously wealthy can enjoy the benefits of a custom designed home is being challenged. Whilst it’s undeniable that not every Australian can afford a custom designed home, with incomes and purchasing power on the rise, so too are the number of custom designed homes under construction.

What is a custom designed home?

A custom designed home is essentially a home that has been specifically designed for a client. With energy efficiency a key concern for most Australians, a trend that has become more noticeable in recent years is that these homes are also designed with specific climates in mind, like Perth’s sunny summers and cool winters.

The design process starts with the initial consultation between the client (owner) and the architect and building firm, after which follows the house design process, site surveys, the arrangement of approvals and permits, the completion of drawings and plans, and then the approval of the contract by the client.

The benefits of custom designing a home

Of the many benefits to custom designing a home, living in a home that’s been designed and built to the owner’s specifications is one of the most notable.

When an owner has their home custom designed, they’re able to control the layout and size of the home, add design elements they deem appealing or important, and they can choose to implement passive design principles to make their home more energy efficient and sustainable.

Layout and size

When owners have their homes custom designed they’re able to control the layout and size of the home. Owners with large families might opt for more bedrooms or a second lounge, whilst singles and couples with no plans to have children might opt for multiple entertaining areas.

Design elements

By having a home custom designed, owners can exercise control over the design elements that define the home and make their vision a reality. Minimalist design has proven popular for homes of all sizes, from homes on small blocks of land where space is an issue, to larger properties like those on the Mandurah waterfront.

Passive design principles

The opportunity to implement passive design principles is another benefit to having a home custom designed. With heightened emphasis placed on energy efficiency and sustainability, many owners are choosing to achieve a higher energy efficiency rating than the mandatory 6-Star energy rating for Western Australian homes implemented in May 2011.