Things to Consider When Designing Your Dream Home

Designing your dream home is never going to be as straightforward as you surely hope it will be. However, that doesn’t mean it need be overly difficult either. There are a myriad of important things to consider when designing the home of your dreams, starting with the team you entrust to design it for you.

With so many architects and designers whom you could work with on what is surely to be the largest financial, not to mention personal, investment you ever make, deciding upon the right team to work with is of critical importance.

Competitive rates, relevant experience and healthy finances are all very important, but so too is their desire to design a home that you are as proud to call your own as they are to have designed it for you. Unlike the design team here at Cassari Group, not every design team possesses this desire and passion for what we do.

In addition to the design team, arguably one of the most important aspects involved in the process of designing your dream home, here are a few additional things to consider.

Design with climate and weather in mind

The climate and weather play an important role when designing your dream home. If you were building on the Mandurah waterfront, you would try to take advantage of the breeze coming off the water, angle balconies or entertaining areas to take advantage of the winter sun, and position the home to allow natural light to enter.

Don’t overlook the importance of function and flow

Dream homes should naturally look beautiful, but they should also be functional and provide a sense of flow regarding the placement of bathrooms, bedrooms, the kitchen and other areas.

Kitchens should lead onto dining, entertaining and/or living areas, bedrooms should be placed as far away from those and other communal areas as possible, and functional areas, like bathrooms, should be easily accessible to all.

Maximise the potential of the lot on which you build

Every lot has its own charms and you will want to capitalise as much as possible on these charms when designing the home of your dreams. For instance, if your plot overlooks a park you may wish to have your upstairs balcony positioned to overlook it, or you may wish to take advantage of a sloping front or back yard to add a deck.

Your dream home may have already been designed – nearly

A mistake many people make in the process of designing their dream home is overlooking the fact that there is a good chance that something very similar to the home of their dreams has already been designed.

That does not mean you have to settle for that exact design, because you can have the design team modify an existing design to make it more in line with your desires.

There are many things to consider when designing the home of your dreams; these are just several of the many that you will need to take into account.