RESIDENTIAL: Should I renovate and extend, or demolish and rebuild?

Whether to renovate and extend, or demolish and rebuild is very much a personal decision and comes down to the individual home. For example, if you own a character home, and love the look of it but just need a few things modernized, often times we would recommend renovating and/or extending.

However, if you own an older home, and it requires significant maintenance and repair, it is often times better to demolish and rebuild. At Cassari Group, we have significant experience in both new construction and renovation and extensions. If you are unsure, contact us to book a free consultation.

RESIDENTIAL: When should a builder get involved in the design process?

In today’s economy, meeting a project’s budget is paramount. Designing a home is one thing, but designing to a budget can be challenging at times, especially when incorporating materials that are subject to price fluctuations or import duties and charges. Some products are more labour intensive to install than others.

Cassari Group have a wealth of experience in building and our in-house quantity surveyor can provide detailed measures for absolute certainty on your budget. It is well worth getting us involved in the design stage so we can provide you with construction estimates to ensure that there are no surprises later in the project.

RESIDENTIAL: We know what we want to build, but don’t know where to start, what do you recommend?

The first starting point is deciding you want to build. Once you have decided, the next thing that needs to be done is for you to decide what you want in your new house. This does not mean for you to design it yourself, far from it. But the more you understand about how you live, and how you want to live in your home will make the design process easier for everyone.

For example, do you like to cook? If so, would you enjoy a larger kitchen to enable you to cook without being confined to a small counter area? Or are you handy, and would like an extra-large garage that can have space for all your tools? Are you a surfer, and just really want some extra space to store your equipment. Understanding how you live will help us design the perfect home for you.

When you are ready, give Cassari Group a call and we arrange a consultation with our designer to assist you to get your new home ready to be constructed. WE work with some of Perth’s Top architects and designers. With our experience, you will end up with the home of your dreams.

RESIDENTIAL: Do you have standard designs that we can buy from?

We used to have standard designs, but we found that generally clients would change them to make them more personal to them. In the end, it is easier for us to custom design a home for you than work from a design that you want to modify.

Effectively, you have a clean slate to design yourself the home of your dreams and not be confined to a standard layout and design.

RESIDENTIAL: We have a narrow block, is that a problem to build on?

Building on a narrow block is always a challenge. At Cassari Group, we love a challenge. Delivery and storage of materials is always challenging, especially if you are working between 2 existing structures.

This is where careful planning and scheduling comes into play to ensure that you don’t store materials longer than you need too, taking up valuable space, and ensuring that access is available when it is required. Cassari group have completed several projects with limited access and storage, and have successfully completed them all.